Battery Testing Equipment

With the surge of START-STOP vehicles, Matson is introducing an advanced diagnostic tool for the testing of START-STOP batteries and electrical systems.

These cutting edge models provide easy diagnostics for START-STOP battery systems with the added value of testing traditional battery types.

The units features simple instructions and an easy to read backlit display. It provides technicians with the capability to perform battery testing on START-STOP, regular automotive batteries and system diagnostics.

The DHC range of START-STOP testers is a fast, affordable and essential service tool for the growing START-STOP battery business. In response to climate change, governments around the world are increasing environmental regulations on vehicles to improve vehicle fuel economy and reduce emissions. Start-Stop technology helps cars do just that. The engine shuts off when the driver stops for a red light or heavy traffic. There’s no idling, no fuel consumed, no emissions. The engine restarts when the driver accelerates away.

A leading global battery manufacturer estimates that by the end of 2015, there will be as many as 35 million Start-Stop vehicles globally. DHC recognises this new markets growth potential and has identified the special testing algorithms required to accurately test the new Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) that are making their way into today’s modern Start-Stop vehicles.

• Save time and money by improving the accuracy of battery and electrical diagnostic

• Improve customer service and satisfaction by the proactive testing of batteries and electrical systems

• Increase sales and new customer traffic by being the first to offer Start-Stop battery testing in your business

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