Automatic Reset

This single pole thermal circuit breaker is external ignition protected & weatherproof. Typically used in DC power systems in marine applications (as a main or branch circuit breaker), truck, bus & RV systems, add-on protection for accessories, etc. Some models are sealed for engine compartment and bilge applications.

Type I (Automatic Reset): the circuit breaker trips and resets in response to the over current condition in a
repetitive fashion. This version shall be used in applications that provide for other self-limiting or non-resettable
means (such as after a main fuse, main manual-reset circuit breaker, or momentary switch). These devices, while
automatic in reset function, are not designed for long term cycling conditions in applications where operator
awareness of circuit fault or serviceability access is limited, leading to undesirable problems. Refer to SAE J553 or
J1625 for additional details.